welcome, welcome, welcome!

Hey, you hot tamale! I’m so excited to get to know you, and snap a few photos of you & your honey! Fill out the forum below so we can get chatting about your mini engagement session!

Whats the catch, you ask?

Real talk, I wanted to offer these mini engagement sessions as a sort of “try it before you buy it” deal. I get it — There are 1,000 talented photographers out there, and choosing someone that you're not only comfortable with, but knows how to photograph you and your honey is a tough decision.

So the catch… is thankfully nonexistent. In fact, if you love your photos so much and decide to book me for your wedding, I’ll get you $200 off any package of your choice, as a way of saying “hey, thanks for trusting me!”

I promise you, I am a human with a heart (boo robots!) — and I too think spam emails are lame. You won’t receive any emails from me that have nothing to do with you, your honey, or your big day.