Jaz + Steve | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Elegance, joy, and ALL of the good jams. Jasmine + Steve got hitched at Waterhouse Pavilion in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee and I was so pumped over getting to photograph their wedding day.

Waterhouse Pavilion is an urban venue nestled in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. With bright, open windows and open layout, it’s a perfect location for an urban summer wedding in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Don’t get me wrong — I love intimacy. I love photographing the quiet moments of you and your honey on the best day of your lives. Jasmine and Steve brought the party. They brought the wild, crazy, love. The ‘I just married my BEST friend feeling.’ The joy, the laughter, the contagious smiles, and a good ass party after it all.

Thanks for letting me party with y’all.

- M


Venue - Waterhouse Pavilion

Coordinator - Blissful Moments Wedding & Event Planning

Rentals - White Table

Florist - Humphreys Flowers

Shelter Cove, California.

When your heart starts to call out for spontaneity and adventure, you answer.  I called Amber at 10pm on a Tuesday night in Yuba City and asked her to join me on an impromptu trip to the Lost Coast of California.  She didn't even hesitate to say yes!  We packed my little Nissan Sentra to the brim and left that next morning at 11am.

Back story, Amber is the first fellow photographer friend I've ever made off of Instagram.  We had met once before for tacos (I trusted her the moment she told me she wanted Antonios in Yuba City.  If you for some reason ever find yourself in Yuba, you CANNOT leave without having a 75 cent taco.  I forbid you.)  and hit it off right then and there.  I feel so fortunate for this trip solely for the fact that I got to know this incredible woman and influencer. 

So, we made our way up to the coast missing many things.  This trip was definitely a learning experience.  After a 4 hour drive, we arrived at our campgrounds and set up shop.

We spent the first hour or so forging for firewood, because neither of us remembered to bring any.  Luckily, I had remembered to grab a lighter before we exited civilization.  As soon as we got a fire going, it was smooth sailing.  Being completely disconnected from the digital world, and fully submerged in genuine connected is exactly what both of our creative spirits needed

The next morning we gathered our things and made our way back up to Redway and had breakfast at the BEST little diner I have honestly ever been too.  I went home with a new appreciation for organic food and buck wheat pancakes.  We then set out to Shelter Cove for a full day of hiking and shooting!  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.  The ones of myself were taken by Amber! (@alwaysambering on Instagram.)

Amber + Robert

Moving to a new city isn't so bad when you have two incredible people like Amber and Robert to keep life bright!  When I moved away for college in 2014, I had the opportunity to work with and befriend Amber at a Starbucks in Chico, California.  Soon after, I met her now finance Robert.  

One of my favorite parts about my job is getting to walk with, and do life with people like Amber and Robert.  I feel like I get to watch a love story unfold in front of my eyes.

Congrats you two! The love and comfort between the two of you is moving, and I'm so excited for your new season!

ps. thanks for getting my car out of the mud Robert.  You're the real MVP.