Before we get down to business, let me let you in on a few truths about bringing me along to photograph one of the best days of your life.

I’m the one you hire if: 

  • You’re wanting to feel super comfortable in front of the camera. (I promise you, I have super powers.)

  • You’re not wanting a stale potato chip, personality-less photographer and friend.

  • You need a break from wedding planning, and just need a drink with a pal on a random Tuesday night.
    (*** If you’re out of state, you better believe I’ll drive to a bar and FaceTime you.)

I want to know who you are, and all of the quirky, corny, funny things that make you and your honey so uniquely rad.  This helps me understand how to photograph you as individuals, and it helps you not feel like you’re making out in front of a complete stranger all day.  (Sorry for the imagery, but it’s a real thing I promise.) 

So — go finish that form, tell me all about your rad self and super hot fiancé, and let’s get connected. :)